Z-Health is a therapy system that focuses on and improving the connection between the brain and body to reduce pain and regain lost mobility and function.

You will benefit from Z-Health if:

You have chronic or recurrent pain

You have persistent or recurrent lack of range of motion  

You have had a head injury and are struggling with different symptom ever since

You have frequent migraines, dizziness & motion sickness

Z-Health was founded by Dr. Eric Cobb and Kathy Mauck. It aims to rebuild your nervous system so you can reduce your pain and discomfort, improve your health and maximise your performance.

Z-Health is based on working with three different methods of affecting the central nervous system: Sight, balance and spacial orientation.

Through very specific exercises targeting the above mentioned systems your body and nervous system can be affected and adjusted to reduce pain and regain full motion of the joints.

The basic principle is: Your nervous systems focus is your survival. That is why it always takes everything, including your movements, vision, balance and surroundings, into account and tries to eliminate threats to you.

If the input is inadequate, unbalanced or if there is mismatch between what the different senses tell the brain, the nervous system's protection mechanism will result in reduced mobility and speed, fatigue or more often pain. The nervous system is always working to protect you!

The nervous system can adapt throughout life, meaning you can always improve. This is done through a number of systematic assessments used to determine whether an exercise helps the individual or not.

As it is an active therapy system, you will get specific neurological exercises to practise daily. This is to reestablish correct connection/communication between the brain and the body and to reduce threat levels and therefore the need for the ‘protection mechanism’ to be switched on.